Beginning Fall 2019, CTE courses will include a revised list of Workplace Readiness Skills. Two new skills have been added, and two existing skills have been combined into one. Most all skills have been improved in some way. Check back in July for the revised list and instructional resources to match.

These resources will provide additional information for the delivery of Workplace Readiness Skills in the classroom. Mastery of these skills will increase when the concepts and vocabulary are continually applied and reinforced throughout the core competencies of the course.

Over time, the portal will provide additional resources and instructional materials for each of the 21 Workplace Readiness Skills. To access the instructional materials and resources, click on the linked Workplace Readiness Skills below.

Workplace Readiness Skills

Note: Skills marked with * will take you to CTECS (Career and Technical Education Consortium of States).

Personal Qualities and People Skills

  1. Demonstrate positive work ethic.
  2. Demonstrate integrity.
  3. Demonstrate teamwork skills.
  4. Demonstrate self-representation skills.
  5. Demonstrate diversity awareness.
  6. Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills. *
  7. Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness.

Professional Knowledge and Skills

  1. Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills.
  2. Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills.
  3. Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  4. Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of workplace organizations, systems, and climates.
  6. Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills.
  7. Demonstrate job-acquisition and advancement skills.
  8. Demonstrate time-, task-, and resource-management skills. *
  9. Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills.
  10. Demonstrate customer-service skills.

Technology Knowledge and Skills

  1. Demonstrate proficiency with technologies common to a specific occupation. *
  2. Demonstrate information technology skills.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of Internet use and security issues. *
  4. Demonstrate telecommunications skills.