The instructional resources provided here are intended to introduce or reinforce student understanding of workplace readiness skills (WRS) in the classroom. Mastery of these skills will increase when the concepts and vocabulary are continually applied and reinforced throughout the core competencies of the course. To access the instructional materials and resources, use the links below.

Skills marked with * are supported by resources from the Career and Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS).

Personal Qualities and Abilities

  1. Demonstrate creativity and innovation. *
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving. *
  3. Demonstrate initiative and self-direction.
  4. Demonstrate integrity. *
  5. Demonstrate work ethic.

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills. *
  2. Demonstrate listening and speaking skills.
  3. Demonstrate respect for diversity.
  4. Demonstrate customer service skills.
  5. Collaborate with team members.

Professional Competencies

  1. Demonstrate big-picture thinking.
  2. Demonstrate career and life-management skills.
  3. Demonstrate continuous learning and adaptability.
  4. Manage time and resources. *
  5. Demonstrate information-literacy skills.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of information security. *
  7. Maintain working knowledge of current information-technology (IT) systems.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency with technologies, tools, and machines common to a specific occupation. *
  9. Apply mathematical skills to job-specific tasks. *
  10. Demonstrate professionalism.
  11. Demonstrate reading and writing skills.
  12. Demonstrate workplace safety. *