Workplace Readiness Skills Inservice

CTE Resource Center presenters tailor presentations to meet local needs. A typical inservice on Workplace Readiness Skills might emphasize the following activities:

  • Career and technical educators gain an overview of the federal and state initiatives that form the foundation for Workplace Readiness Skills.
  • Participants analyze each Workplace Readiness Skill and discover how each can be adapted to fit a variety of CTE courses.
  • Participants receive a “guided tour” through Virginia CTE curriculum materials related to Workplace Readiness Skills.
  • As time allows, participants work together or individually to prepare lesson plans, activities, or projects that will help them incorporate Workplace Readiness Skills into their courses.

Equipment requirements vary according to presentation.

To learn more about the Center’s professional development offerings or to schedule an inservice tailored to your local needs, contact us at 804-673-3778 or