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Install valve train components.


Following manufacturer’s specifications and instructor’s guidelines, process should include

  • inspecting and testing valve springs for squareness, pressure, and free height comparison; replacing as needed
  • inspecting valve spring retainers, locks, and valve grooves
  • replacing valve stem seals
  • inspecting valve guides for wear; checking valve guide height and stem-to-guide clearance; reconditioning or replacing as needed
  • inspecting valves; resurfacing or replacing
  • inspecting valve seats; resurfacing or replacing
  • checking valve face-to-seat contact and valve seat concentricity (runout), checking lapping seat-to-face; servicing seats and valves as needed
  • checking valve spring assembled height and valve stem height; servicing valve and spring assemblies as needed
  • inspecting and measuring camshaft bearings for wear, damage, out-of-round, and alignment; determining needed repairs.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What measuring tools are required in the installation of the valve train?
  • When should valve seats/faces need reworking?
  • How are overhead valve systems different from L-head valve systems?