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Demonstrate the safe use of chemicals.


Demonstration should include the different types of solvents, soaps, cleaning solutions, fuel, oils, greases, specialty additives, and gasses. Discussion should also emphasize the correct use, the hazards, and the precautions associated with each, in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and government regulations.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is it important to read the manufacturer's directions when using chemicals?
  • What may be the effects of using chemicals incorrectly?
  • Where should chemicals be stored within the lab/workshop?
  • What is an SDS?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and understand that experiments in which variables are measured, analyzed, and evaluated produce observations and verifiable data. Key concepts include
  1. designated laboratory techniques;
  2. safe use of chemicals and equipment;
  3. proper response to emergency situations;
  4. manipulation of multiple variables, using repeated trials;
  5. accurate recording, organization, and analysis of data through repeated trials;
  6. mathematical and procedural error analysis;
  7. mathematical manipulations including SI units, scientific notation, linear equations, graphing, ratio and proportion, significant digits, and dimensional analysis;
  8. use of appropriate technology including computers, graphing calculators, and probeware for gathering data, communicating results, and using simulations to model concepts;
  9. construction and defense of a scientific viewpoint; and
  10. the use of current applications to reinforce chemistry concepts.