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Document the discovery, remediation, and resolution of a problem.


Documentation should record the systematic approach of troubleshooting issues in a small to medium-sized business network.

Related Standards of Learning



The student will develop expository and informational, analytical, and persuasive/argumentative writings.
  1. Generate, gather, and organize ideas for writing to address a specific audience and purpose.
  2. Produce arguments in writing that develop a thesis to demonstrate knowledgeable judgments, address counterclaims, and provide effective conclusions.
  3. Clarify and defend a position with precise and relevant evidence.
  4. Adapt content, vocabulary, voice, and tone to audience, purpose, and situation.
  5. Use a variety of rhetorical strategies to accomplish a specific purpose.
  6. Create arguments free of errors in logic and externally supported.
  7. Revise writing for clarity of content, depth of information, and technique of presentation.
  8. Use computer technology to plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish writing.