# CTE Resource Center - Verso - Computer Networking Hardware Operations II Task 22779250

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Demonstrate DHCP skills.


Demonstration of DHCP skills should include
  • Ÿcreating VLANs on a switch and assign VLANs to the appropriate ports
  • Ÿconfiguring switch ports for trunking
  • Ÿconfiguring all non-trunk ports on a switch as access ports
  • Ÿconfiguring the router to route between VLANs
  • Ÿconfiguring a router to act as a DHCP server for switch VLANs
  • verifying that each PC has an IP address assigned from the correct DHCP pool
  • Ÿconfiguring a router as a DHCP client so that it receives an IP address from the ISP network
  • verifying that all devices can ping each other and the specified URL.