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Demonstrate conversion techniques for units of measurement.


Demonstration should include converting U.S. customary units to Systems International (SI) units, and vice versa. Measurements may include
  • distances/lengths
  • weights
  • volumes
  • energy (BTUs)
  • rates
  • power.

Process/Skill Questions

Case study use is suggested as motivation to why conversions are important (e.g., international engineering collaboration, consequences of misinterpretation in measurement).

Related Standards of Learning



The student will plan and conduct investigations using experimental design and product design processes. Key concepts include
  1. the components of a system are defined;
  2. instruments are selected and used to extend observations and measurements;
  3. information is recorded and presented in an organized format;
  4. the limitations of the experimental apparatus and design are recognized;
  5. the limitations of measured quantities are recognized through the appropriate use of significant figures or error ranges;
  6. models and simulations are used to visualize and explain phenomena, to make predictions from hypotheses, and to interpret data; and
  7. appropriate technology including computers, graphing calculators, and probeware is used for gathering and analyzing data and communicating results.

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