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Operate an sUAS.


Operation should include the following:
  • Perform a pre-flight inspection.
  • Ensure the area is safe for flight.
  • Hover over a predefined area.
  • Fly a square pattern.
  • Orbit a point.
  • Practice precision landings on a predefined point.
  • Execute safe shutdown procedures for the sUAS.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Which sUAS maneuvers are commonly used to capture images and video?
  • Why would it be important to log flight time when operating an sUAS?
  • What are the requirements for flying sUAS?
  • When is a radio license needed to operate an sUAS?
  • What are the components of a checklist?
  • What are the safety protocols of the AMA?
  • Why is it important to follow manufacturer’s guidelines when charging batteries?
  • What is the maximum altitude allowed for sUAS?
  • How does the position of the load affect the maneuverability of an sUAS?
  • How does the weight of a payload affect the battery life of an sUAS?

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