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Design Brief: Flight Planning

Design Brief

Flight Planning

General aviation flying is an alternative to driving on the interstates and highways for personal transportation. Before you can get in a plane and fly to your destination, you will need to determine a detailed flight plan in order to keep you safe.

You and a friend would like to fly to a football game. Plan a flight from your local airport to Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport (KBCB). You will be using dead reckoning navigation.

Upon completion of this design brief, students will be able to determine the following:

  1. Total distance
  2. Waypoints every 15 nautical miles
  3. True heading
  4. Magnetic heading
  5. Wind correction angle based on current weather conditions
  6. Total flight time
  7. Total fuel burn



When students have completed their flight plans, discuss the following questions:

Christopher Balthis, Wise County Public Schools, Powell Valley Middle School