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Test the modification/alternate solution, if needed.


Testing the alternate solution should include
  • collecting feedback
  • reviewing and evaluating the product and/or process(es) already tested.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is high-quality or effective feedback?
  • Why might one need to review the process or product more than once?
  • What does looping the design process mean?
  • Why are engineers seldom entirely satisfied with the final product or process?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and understand how to analyze and interpret data. Key concepts include
  1. a description of a physical problem is translated into a mathematical statement in order to find a solution;
  2. relationships between physical quantities are determined using the shape of a curve passing through experimentally obtained data;
  3. the slope of a linear relationship is calculated and includes appropriate units;
  4. interpolated, extrapolated, and analyzed trends are used to make predictions; and
  5. situations with vector quantities are analyzed utilizing trigonometric or graphical methods.

Other Related Standards

ITEEA National Standards

10. The Role of Troubleshooting, Research and Development, Invention and Innovation, and Experimentation in Problem Solving


9. Engineering Design


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Biotechnology Design


Engineering Design


Flight Endurance


System Control Technology