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Leadership Development Expectations: High School

The Virginia Board of Education has approved student expectations for leadership development that, while not mandated for all students, are available for integration into curriculum from kindergarten through grade 12. The middle and high school expectations are reinforced in a variety of career and technical education courses. For more information about the leadership initiative, see http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/leadership/leadership_curriculum.pdf.

Developing Knowledge of Self and Others

HS.1 The student will evaluate his or her own self-image.

HS.2 The student will evaluate his or her own behaviors.

HS.3 The student will use knowledge of others to improve one's leadership skills.

Defining Leadership

HS.4 The student will analyze the characteristics of leaders.

HS.5 The student will analyze the complex relationship between the leader and the follower.

HS.6 The student will evaluate the role of context in the process of leadership.

Developing Leadership Skills and Practices

HS.7 The student will communicate effectively in pairs, small groups, teams, and large groups.

HS.8 The student will analyze and refine decision-making skills.

HS.9 The student will evaluate the relationship between personal vision and the group vision.

Practicing Leadership through Service

HS.10 The student will appraise communities and community needs.

HS.11 The student will evaluate the roles and responsibilities of citizenship.

HS.12 The student will evaluate the concept of stewardship.

HS.13 The student will practice leadership through service in a variety of communities.