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Measure energy output of a renewable energy source using proper instruments.


Measurement should include use of a multimeter to determine energy output of sources such as
  • photovoltaic array
  • wind turbine
  • fuel cell.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the most energy efficient renewable energy source? Why?
  • How has the efficiency of renewable energy sources changed over time?
  • How is it possible to determine the electrical load of a device to be powered?
  • Why is the output of a device variable?
  • How are voltage, current, and resistance measured with a multimeter?
  • What measurements can determine the efficiency or level of performance of a fuel cell, a photovoltaic array, or a wind turbine?
  • What variables should be controlled when making measurements on energy transforming systems?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will
  1. represent verbal quantitative situations algebraically; and
  2. evaluate algebraic expressions for given replacement values of the variables.


The student will simplify
  1. square roots of whole numbers and monomial algebraic expressions;
  2. cube roots of integers; and
  3. numerical expressions containing square or cube roots.



The student will investigate and understand that energy can be transferred and transformed to provide usable work. Key concepts include
  1. transfer and storage of energy among systems, including mechanical, thermal, gravitational, electromagnetic, chemical, and nuclear systems; and
  2. efficiency of systems.

Other Related Standards

ITEEA National Standards

12. Use and Maintain Technological Products and Systems


16. Energy and Power Technologies