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Document a crime scene, using a sketch or scene documentation software.


Documentation should include
  • identifying and adhering to scale
  • using the triangulation method
  • using the baseline method
  • using emerging technology
  • using a scale for measurement
  • completing a rough sketch and a finished sketch.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why would an investigator create a finished sketch from a rough sketch?
  • Why is it important to include scale in a sketch?
  • How many landmarks should be used when measuring distance from objects?
  • How has technology influenced the documentation of crime scenes?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will design and apply computer programs to solve practical problems in mathematics arising from business and applications in mathematics.


The student will select and call library functions to process data, as appropriate.


The student will design and implement the input phase of a program, which will include designing screen layout, getting information into the program by way of user interaction and/or file input, and validating input.


The student will define and use appropriate variable data types that include integer, real (fixed and scientific notation), character, string, Boolean and object.

Other Related Standards

ITEEA National Standards

2. The Core Concepts of Technology