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Perform PCR testing.


Performance should include
  • reagent preparation
  • equipment preparation
  • proper loading of the gel
  • proper use of the PCR thermocycler.

Process/Skill Questions

  • At what temperature does denaturization occur?
  • What buffer is used in PCR testing?
  • What is the principle of a thermocycler?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and understand common mechanisms of inheritance and protein synthesis. Key concepts include
  1. cell growth and division;
  2. gamete formation;
  3. cell specialization;
  4. prediction of inheritance of traits based on the Mendelian laws of heredity;
  5. historical development of the structural model of DNA;
  6. genetic variation;
  7. the structure, function, and replication of nucleic acids;
  8. events involved in the construction of proteins;
  9. use, limitations, and misuse of genetic information; and
  10. exploration of the impact of DNA technologies.

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