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Differentiate among various patient positions.


Differentiation should include
  • supine
  • prone
  • Fowler’s
  • semi-Fowler’s
  • high Fowler’s
  • Trendelenberg
  • reverse Trendelenberg
  • recumbent Trendelenberg
  • left/right lateral
  • tripod.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the benefit of the prone position in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)?
  • How would you encourage a reluctant patient to change their body position?
  • What are some of the possible complications of placing a patient in the Tredelenberg position?
  • What is the best patient position for treating dsypnea?
  • What is the best patient position to help prevent SIDS in infants?

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Demonstrate the principles of body mechanics for positioning, transferring and transporting of patients/clients, and perform them without injury to the patient/client or self.

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