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Measure and record intake and output as prescribed in the client care plan.


Measuring and recording should include
  • use of the metric system and U.S. customary measure, including conversion between systems
  • ways to measure fluid intake
  • ways to measure fluid output
  • ways to measure percentage of food and fluid consumed
  • procedure for recording measurement according to agency documentation guidelines.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is documentation such a vital responsibility of a home health aide? How does it relate to reimbursement?
  • In regard to documentation, what is meant by the expression, “If it is not documented, it didn’t happen”?
  • Why is the metric system used for measuring and documenting intake and output?
  • Why are accurate intake and output measurements essential?
  • How would you describe measuring output from a Foley catheter?
  • How do you measure the amount of fluid intake?
  • How do you measure the amount of food intake?

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