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Analyze the stages of dying.


Analysis should include a description of the
  • characteristics of each stage
  • variation of the sequence of the stages
  • theories of death and dying
  • concept of hope
  • roles of personal and religious beliefs.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How would you describe the Kubler-Ross theory of death and dying?
  • What are your personal feelings about death and dying?
  • How would you explore the impact of religious beliefs on death and dying?
  • How would you identify each stage of death and dying
  • How would you describe the characteristics associated with each stage?
  • What are the influences of various cultures on grief?
  • How can a home health aide effectively communicate these stages to family members? Why is this important?
  • Give some examples of ways that hope can impact the concept of death and dying.
  • What strategies can a home health aide use to help a family members with expression regarding their loved one’s impending death?

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