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Care for a client's laundry.


Care should include
  • checking operating instructions specific to the type of washer and dryer to be used
  • reading care instructions on garment and linen labels
  • pretreating garments and linens soiled with body fluids
  • selecting and using laundry products (e.g., detergents, bleach, fabric softeners) as appropriate for the task
  • washing, including sorting clothing and selecting water temperatures
  • drying
  • folding and ironing.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why might the task of doing laundry in a client's home be different from the same task in a home health aide's own home?
  • How can a home health aide decide which laundry product(s) to use for which articles?
  • What are ways to decide which pretreating product is best to use for a particular stain?
  • If the washer or dryer are unfamiliar, what should a home health aide do?
  • If certain articles do not seem perfectly clean after laundering, how can a home health aide decide what to do?

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