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Provide personal grooming assistance.


Providing should include following guidelines for
  • the care of nails
  • the care of hair
  • shaving
  • the care of feet
  • the care of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What methods would you use to inspect a client's hair and nails?
  • How can you evaluate a client's response to your personal hygiene measures?
  • How do you determine if you satisfactorily performed procedures related to personal hygiene?
  • How do you determine if you satisfactorily documented procedures related to personal hygiene?
  • Why could failing to provide a client with his/her eyeglasses or hearing aids be considered neglect?
  • Why do diabetic clients require meticulous foot care?
  • How often should foot care be performed on a client with diabetes mellitus?
  • What types of clients should be encouraged to use electric razors instead of a blade?

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