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Transfer client, including the use of a mechanical lift.


Transferring should include following guidelines and the client care plan for
  • equipment (e.g., transfer belt, gait belt, lift, wheelchair, sliding board)
  • clients with various physical disabilities (e.g., one-sided weakness, paralysis)
  • clients in various activities of daily living (e.g., moving to and from the bath/shower, toilet, car, and chair).

Process/Skill Questions

  • What should be communicated to a client prior to and during a transfer?
  • When would you use a sliding board to transfer a client?
  • What strategies can be used to avoid a fall during a transfer?
  • How would you lower a client safely to the floor in an emergency situation?
  • Why is it important to follow standard procedures exactly when transferring a client?
  • What principles of good body mechanics should be used to prevent injury to a caregiver?

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