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Explain ethics related to home health care.


Explanation should include
  • the similarities and differences among the meanings of the terms ethics, professional ethics, personal ethics, ethical behavior, and work ethic
  • ethical dilemmas, ethical considerations, and ethical decision making
  • individual value systems
  • the role of a home health aide in controversial situations
  • the importance of ethical behavior in home health care.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why are issues such as receiving gifts ethical dilemmas for a home health aide?
  • What is the importance of an individual’s value system as it relates to autonomy, accountability, standards of conduct, and the withholding/withdrawal of food and fluids?
  • How might ethical considerations be a factor in issues such as right-to-die and donor-recipient allocations?
  • What are some ethical issues that could affect client care?
  • How do ethical issues differ from legal issues?
  • How can confidentiality be an ethical as well as a legal issue?

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by

  1. synthesizing evidence from artifacts and primary and secondary sources to obtain information about events in Virginia and United States history;
  2. using geographic information to determine patterns and trends in Virginia and United States history;
  3. interpreting charts, graphs, and pictures to determine characteristics of people, places, or events in Virginia and United States history;
  4. constructing arguments, using evidence from multiple sources;
  5. comparing and contrasting historical, cultural, economic, and political perspectives in Virginia and United States history;
  6. explaining how indirect cause-and-effect relationships impact people, places, and events in Virginia and United States history;
  7. analyzing multiple connections across time and place;
  8. using a decision-making model to analyze and explain the incentives for and consequences of a specific choice made;
  9. identifying the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and ethical use of material and intellectual property; and
  10. investigating and researching to develop products orally and in writing.

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