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Perform postmortem care on a mannequin.


Performance should include following the steps of postmortem care according to the following checklist:
  • Use PPE during procedure.
  • Demonstrate use of each item included in postmortem kit.
  • Bathe body per facility procedure; fill out and attach identification tags.
  • Collect belongings, and place in bag with person’s name; deliver to family.
  • Remove all supplies and equipment; cover body with clean sheet before family is allowed private time to visit.
  • Shroud body as outlined in postmortem kit.
  • Provide for privacy; room door remains closed and hallway doors are closed as body is moved out of facility or to morgue.

Process/Skill Questions

  • When does postmortem care begin?
  • Why is postmortem care done?
  • What information does the nurse aide need from the nurse before postmortem care is performed?