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Assist client/resident/patient with eating and hydration.


Assistance should include

  • verifying meal ticket with care plan
  • validating the meal ticket by asking the client/resident/patient to state their name
  • serving and collecting diet trays
  • setting up client/resident/patient trays
  • distributing nourishments
  • distributing drinking water
  • feeding clients/residents/patients of all ages.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What situations require you to feed the client/resident/patient?
  • How do you determine the percentage of a meal the client/resident/patient ate?
  • How do you determine that the correct diet, including liquids, has been served to the client/resident/patient?
  • What approaches might you use to encourage a client/resident/patient to eat?
  • What are the methods you use to assist the client/resident/patient with various eating difficulties (e.g., swallowing, chewing, nausea)?

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