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Provide care for the client/resident/patient with impaired cognition. (As required by the Virginia Board of Nursing regulation)


Care should include

  • use of techniques for addressing the unique needs and behaviors of the client/resident/patient with dementia (Alzheimer’s and others)
  • communication with cognitively impaired clients/residents/patients
  • an understanding of the behavior of cognitively impaired clients/residents/patients
  • appropriate response to the behavior of cognitively impaired clients/residents/patients
  • use of methods to reduce the symptoms of cognitively impaired clients/residents/patients.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What specific methods can improve the cognition of the cognitively impaired client/resident/patient?
  • What cognitive prompts do you see in your clinical setting (e.g., clocks, calendars, daily activity, and menu schedules)?
  • How would you respond to a person who has asked you about lunch five times in the last five minutes?
  • How would you respond to a 90-year-old client/resident/patient who is asking where her mother is?
  • What are four alternative activities you could suggest for a confused client/resident/patient who is becoming agitated?
  • What is a memory album, and how would you use it?

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