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Assist client/resident/patient with walker and quad cane use.


Assistance should include
  • ensuring client/resident/patient is wearing nonskid footwear
  • identifying types of walkers (e.g., pick-up walker and wheeled walker)
  • inspecting walker to ensure it has rubber tips on legs and hand grips
  • describing walking procedures for the walker
  • positioning walker
  • helping client/resident/patient to stand
  • adjusting walker height so that hand bar is just below client's/resident's/patient's waist
  • demonstrating walking procedures for the walker with client/resident/patient
  • explaining safety precautions and supervision of client/resident/patient during walking practice with walker
  • describing charting procedures
  • reviewing cane types
  • describing quad cane walking procedures on level surfaces, up and down steps, and when opening doors
  • demonstrating quad cane walking procedures with client/resident/patient
  • helping client/resident/patient to stand
  • checking rubber safety tips and adjusting height of quad cane according to client’s/resident’s/patient’s height
  • positioning quad cane
  • explaining safety precautions and supervision of client/resident/patient during quad cane walking practice
  • describing charting procedures.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the difference between a single tip and a quad tip cane? Why would one be preferable over the other?
  • What is the purpose of attaching tennis balls to the front of a walker?
  • How would you instruct a client/resident/patient who has just gotten a new cane about foot placement as he/she walks?
  • On which side would a patient use their assistive device?