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Explain the process for client/resident/patient discharge.


Explanation should include
  • identifying reasons discharge occurs, including AMA discharges
  • helping client/resident/patient in packing their belongings
  • reviewing belongings list, being sure all items are included
  • maintaining client/resident/patient environmental safety throughout procedure
  • providing client/resident/patient who is ready for discharge all discharge instructions and followup appointments
  • helping client/resident/patient to car, being sure all belongings are included
  • documenting discharge procedure, including how it was tolerated.

Process/Skill Questions

  • A client/resident insists on walking out; what would you say to convince him/her to be wheeled down in a wheelchair?
  • A client/resident/patient insists on leaving AMA; why is a doctor’s order is included?
  • Why is it important that clients/residents/patients know what follow-up care and medication is required?