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Use assistive devices in transferring, eating, and dressing. (As required by the Virginia Board of Nursing regulation)


Use should include

  • caring for and using prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • assisting with the application and removal of braces and prosthetic devices
  • assisting with ambulating (using gait belt, cane, walker, or crutches)
  • assisting in transferring (client/resident/patient who can stand) from bed to chair and chair to bed
  • assisting with use of wheelchair, shower chair, Geri-chair, and bedside commode
  • transferring client/resident/patient (using lift sheet) from bed to stretcher/stretcher to bed
  • transferring client/resident/patient using mechanical lift.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What assistive devices are available to the client/resident?
  • What specific maintenance do assistive devices require?
  • What are the proper operations of the various devices?
  • Where do you find information about which devices are to be used for specific clients/residents/patients?

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