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Groom client/resident/patient, including shaving/assisting with shaving, caring for/helping with hair, and cleaning/beautifying fingernails and toenails. (Required for certification by Virginia Board of Nursing)


Grooming should include

  • shaving/assisting male client/resident/patient
  • brushing/assisting with hair
  • caring for/assisting with nail care, except cutting or trimming of nails.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What shaving supplies are needed for the male client/resident/patient who is able to shave himself?
  • What procedure should be followed for the male client/resident/patient who is unable to shave himself?
  • What grooming supplies are needed for brushing/assisting with a client’s/resident’s/patient’s hair?
  • What manicure supplies are needed for caring for/assisting with nail care?
  • Why are nurse aides not permitted to use clippers on toenails?

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