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Assist client/resident/patient in standing.


Assistance should include
  • ensuring client/resident/patient is wearing nonskid footwear
  • elevating head of bed
  • folding top bedding back toward foot of bed
  • helping client/resident/patient in dangling
  • taking client’s/resident’s/patient’s pulse
  • placing client’s/resident’s/patient’s feet firmly on floor
  • helping client/resident/patient to come to standing position
  • reviewing safety precautions when assisting a client/resident/patient with standing
  • describing observations of the client/resident/patient that should be recorded (e.g., change in skin color, pulse).

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the purpose of dangling a client’s/resident’s/patient’s feet before assisting them to stand?
  • Why is it important to check a person’s pulse as they change position?
  • What safety precautions must be followed to ensure client/resident/patient safety?
  • When would you use a transfer belt with a client/resident/patient?
  • When would you use a gait belt with a client/resident/patient?

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