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Maintain a safe and controlled environment within laboratory and clinical environments.


Maintenance should include
  • various client environments
  • dignity and privacy of client
  • physical contact with client, including body mechanics
  • control of noise, climate, odors, lighting
  • operation of various types of beds
  • safety issues.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are considerations related to the dignity and privacy of the client?
  • What factors place nurses and clients at risk for injury?
  • How are restraints chosen, applied, and maintained?
  • What methods are recommended to control noise in healthcare environments? Odors? Lighting?
  • How can bed-making skills be adapted when making various types of beds, including closed, head-to-toe, crib, and therapeutic?
  • What methods would be used in a home healthcare setting to ensure optimal emergency procedures, fire safety, sharps and contaminated waste disposal, and sanitation?
  • To whom would you report safety issues?

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