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Identify the steps in preparing and making a bank deposit.


Identification should include the following:

  • Completing a deposit slip.
  • Calculating the amounts of cash, coins, and checks.
  • Endorsing checks.
  • Reviewing all checks and money orders for accuracy.
  • Calculating the total deposit.
  • Obtaining a deposit receipt.
Identification of types of adjustments made to patients’ accounts could include
  • non-sufficient funds (NSF) status
  • collection agency transaction
  • credit balance
  • third-party payments.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What information is included on a bank deposit slip? Why is accuracy important in each area?
  • What are safety issues to consider when handling large sums of money?
  • What ethical issues are involved with handling large sums of money?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate a variety of nonfiction texts including employment documents and technical writing.
  1. Apply information from texts to clarify understanding of concepts.
  2. Read and correctly interpret an application for employment, workplace documents, or an application for college admission.
  3. Analyze technical writing for clarity.
  4. Paraphrase and synthesize ideas within and between texts.
  5. Draw conclusions and make inferences on explicit and implied information using textual support.
  6. Analyze multiple texts addressing the same topic to determine how authors reach similar or different conclusions.
  7. Analyze false premises, claims, counterclaims, and other evidence in persuasive writing.
  8. Recognize and analyze use of ambiguity, contradiction, paradox, irony, sarcasm, overstatement, and understatement in text.
  9. Generate and respond logically to literal, inferential, evaluative, synthesizing, and critical thinking questions about the text(s).