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Identify the importance of CDC and OSHA guidelines.


Identification should include the importance of CDC and OSHA guidelines in
  • developing and enforcing safety policies
  • containing infectious diseases
  • ensuring a safe working environment.
See CDC Guidelines and OSHA Guidelines and Standards.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How do the roles of the CDC and OSHA differ with regard to infection control?
  • What type of information is reported to the CDC?
  • How does OSHA contribute to a safe work environment?
  • What penalties might occur if CDC and OSHA guidelines are not followed?
  • What are the implications of workers' compensation?

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The student will apply social science skills to understand economic systems by

  1. identifying the basic economic questions encountered by all economic systems;
  2. comparing the characteristics of traditional, free market, command, and mixed economies, as described by Adam Smith and Karl Marx; and
  3. evaluating the impact of the government’s role in the economy on individual economic freedoms.

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