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Maintain supply inventory and ordering system.


Maintenance of the supply inventory and ordering system should include
  • keeping a list of consumables
  • keeping a list of vendors
  • keeping a list of the quantity typically ordered
  • keeping a list of costs
  • demonstrating how to replenish consumables as needed
  • rotating supplies (e.g., syringes, needles, tubes, medications, and bandages), in accordance with office/facility policy
  • disposing of outdated inventory, (including supplies, equipment, and medications) according to facility policy and procedures and OSHA requirements.  

Process/Skill Questions

  • What might be included in a list of consumables?
  • How are supplies ordered?
  • What happens if supplies are not available as needed?
  • Why is it important to note the dates on supplies?
  • What medical supplies tend to go out of date quickly? What supplies tend to last longer? Why?
  • How can storage conditions sometimes affect the shelf life of a product?
  • What can be the consequences of using expired medical supplies?
  • What is the procedure to check for expiration dates?
  • Why should outdated inventory be discarded?
  • How should it be discarded?