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Perform basic and body-system-specific diagnostic tests.


Performing basic and body-system-specific diagnostic tests should include the following steps:
  • Identifying diagnostic/screening tests
  • Identifying reasons diagnostic tests are ordered
  • Instructing and preparing a patient for a procedure or treatment
  • Practicing body system diagnostic testing (e.g., electrocardiogram (EKG), vision, hearing, pregnancy, cultures, and spirometry tests)
  • Documenting the tests, results, and patient education that is performed

Process/Skill Questions

  • What role do basic and body-system-specific tests play in determining diagnosis?
  • What is the difference between an invasive and a non-invasive test? Under what circumstances might each be performed?
  • What precautions to ensure infection control should be taken when performing non-invasive and invasive diagnostic tests?
  • What information must be communicated to patients regarding testing procedures? Why?

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