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Prepare the treatment room for examination.


Preparation should include
  • examining the room for correct arrangement
  • disposing of used consumables
  • straightening the room for the next patient (e.g., adjusting light location, arranging furniture, ensuring clean sink and other surfaces)
  • supplying fresh linens and paper supplies
    • a table roll
    • tissue
    • clean gowns
    • pillowcases
    • paper wipes
    • protective underpads
    • blankets
    • PPE.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What should the patient expect to see when entering the examination room? Why?
  • How does providing cleanliness and correct room arrangement assist with patient safety and with efficiency?
  • What instruments and consumables are needed for procedures such as an initial physical examination, a diagnostic test for strep throat, an ear lavage, a pap smear?
  • Why is it important to have all necessary instruments organized in the examination room prior to patient arrival?
  • What is the relationship between fresh linen/paper supplies and infection control?
  • How should the medical assistant dispose of used linens and paper supplies? Why?

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