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Demonstrate the assessment and management of patients with hypersensitivity disorders or emergencies.


Demonstration should include the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, assessment, and management of the
  • signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, or both
  • interrelationship between the patient with an allergic reaction and airway management
  • mechanisms of allergic response and implications for airway management
  • use of H2 blockers
  • use of an epinephrine autoinjector
  • use of bronchodilator.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the best position/posture for a conscious patient suffering from an allergic reaction, to maximize the effectiveness of the airway and to help the patient relax?
  • What are the five most common categories of allergens?
  • How does an epinephrine injection help a patient who is suffering from anaphylaxis?

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