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Describe the history and current state of the opioid crisis in the United States.


Description should include
  • the relationship between opioid prescribing and illicit opioid use to overall opioid overdose deaths
  • the prevalence of co-occurring mental health disorders
  • the shift in attitudes in the 1990s toward pain management and use of opioids, including the role of pharmaceutical marketing
  • the stigma associated with addiction and the changing view of addiction from a moral failing to a chronic, relapsing disease
  • statistics, trends, and demographics surrounding the crisis
  • population health and other public health aspects of the crisis, including its effects on family and neonates, as well as overall health costs.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How are opioids created?
  • Can opioids be safely prescribed to patients taking psychotropic drugs?
  • How does society stereotype individuals with a history of drug addiction?
  • What are the current trends that have contributed to the nationwide opioid crisis?
  • How has the opioid epidemic affected emergency rooms and the first responder system?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate a variety of nonfiction texts.
  1. Use critical thinking to generate and respond logically to literal, inferential, and evaluative questions about the text(s).
  2. Identify and synthesize resources to make decisions, complete tasks, and solve specific problems.
  3. Analyze multiple texts addressing the same topic to determine how authors reach similar or different conclusions.
  4. Recognize and analyze use of ambiguity, contradiction, paradox, irony, overstatement, and understatement in text.
  5. Analyze false premises claims, counterclaims, and other evidence in persuasive writing.

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