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Demonstrate proper body mechanics.


Demonstration should include
  • elements of body mechanics (e.g., base of support, proximity to load, minimal twisting, avoidance of repetitive motions, use of large muscles, posture).
  • techniques of standing, sitting, and moving for personal protection of the health assistant
  • techniques for moving, transferring, and lifting patient/client both in bed and chair.
For students taking the nurse aide credential at the end of the course, follow the Virginia Board of Nursing regulations:

Commonwealth of Virginia Regulations
Governing Certified Nurse Aides
Virginia Board of Nursing

Process/Skill Questions

  • What types of devices are used to help transfer and lift patients/clients?
  • Why is good posture important for the health assistant?
  • What are the potential consequences of poor body mechanics?
  • What principles of body mechanics should a health assistant keep in mind to protect himself or herself from injury while transferring, lifting, turning, and/or positioning a patient/client?
  • How can a health care worker's knowledge and application of proper body mechanics be important to patient/client safety?

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