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Simulate assisting with a removable prosthodontics procedure.


Simulation should include
  • preparing the instrument tray
  • making impressions for athletic, night, occlusal, and/or snoring mouthguards and fluoride and/or bleaching trays
  • cleaning and polishing removable appliances and prosthetics
  • delivering pre- and post-operative instructions.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What information would a patient need to know at a denture-delivery appointment?
  • Why is it necessary to have a "try-in" appointment for most removable prosthetic appliances?
  • Why is alginate impression material contraindicated for use in a final impression?
  • What type of material is used to check occlusion in a removable partial denture?
  • Why does a full-denture patient need to remove his or her appliance at night?
  • How do the procedures of a one-day denture-delivery office compare to those in the five-to-seven appointment series of a prosthodontic office?

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