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Simulate assisting with an orthodontic procedure.


Simulation should include
  • preparing the instrument tray
  • placing and removing elastic separators
  • checking for loose bands and brackets
  • removing arch wires and ligature ties
  • placing ligatures to tie in archwire
  • selecting and fitting bands and brackets for cementation by the dentist
  • instructing patients in the placement and removal of retainers and appliances after the dentist has fitted and made adjustments in the mouth
  • delivering pre- and post-operative instructions.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are at least three orthodontic instruments? How would you describe them?
  • What term is used for abnormal occlusion?
  • What tooth determines a person's occlusion?
  • What gypsum product is most commonly used for fabricating diagnostic models in an orthodontic practice?

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