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Perform routine sanitation, maintenance, and calibration of equipment.


Performance should be composed of routine activities involved in the upkeep of technology used in the preparation, delivery, and administration of medication (e.g., laminar flow hoods, robotics, Baker cells, automated dispensing equipment, balances, refrigerators, automated total parenteral nutrition [TPN] equipment, infusion pumps).

Performance should include the following activities:

  • Cleaning equipment according to pharmacy policy to ensure infection control
  • Maintaining equipment according to pharmacy and manufacturers’ specifications
  • Calibrating equipment (e.g., refrigerator temperatures and other settings) according to pharmacy and manufacturers’ specifications
  • Documenting all such activities according to pharmacy policy and industry standards

Process/Skill Questions

  • What documentation is critical for the calibration and routine management of pharmacy equipment?
  • Why must calibration and routine management activities be documented?
  • What is involved in the sanitation of pharmacy equipment?
  • What may be the results if calibration and management are not carried out routinely and accurately?
  • What may be the results if the sanitation of equipment is not carried out routinely and properly?

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Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Examination Required Knowledge

III. Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice

III.12. Knowledge of storage requirements and expiration dates for equipment and supplies (for example, first-aid items, fire extinguishers)


III.13. Knowledge of storage and handling requirements for hazardous substances (for example, chemotherapeutics, radiopharmaceuticals)


III.17. Knowledge of laminar flow hood maintenance requirements


III.19. Knowledge of sanitation requirements (for example, handwashing, cleaning counting trays, countertop, and equipment)


III.20. Knowledge of equipment calibration and maintenance procedures


III.22. Knowledge of technology used in the preparation, delivery, and administration of medications (for example, robotics, Baker cells, automated TPN equipment, Pyxis, infusion pumps)


III.23. Knowledge of purpose and function of pharmacy equipment


Virginia Administrative Code Regulations Governing the Practice of Pharmacy

18VAC110-20-415 — Quality Assurance