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Repackage finished dosage forms for dispensing.


Repackaging should include the following:

  • Labeling the product for dispensing
  • Selecting the appropriate type of container
  • Determining the expiration date
  • Adhering to storage requirements
  • Using appropriate resources to determine repackaging standards (e.g., United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary [USP-NF])

Process/Skill Questions

  • How are expiration dates determined for repackaged medications?
  • Why are there special container requirements for certain medications?
  • What are the central issues surrounding the storage requirements of repackaged medications?
  • What resources contain information about repackaging requirements?
  • How many medications should be repackaged at a time?

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Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Examination Required Knowledge

II. Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control Systems

II.1. Knowledge of drug product laws and regulations and professional standards related to obtaining medication supplies, durable medical equipment, and products (for example, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; Controlled Substances Act; Prescription Drug Marketing Act; USP-NF; NRC standards)


II.4. Knowledge of dosage forms


II.17. Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements and professional standards governing operations of pharmacies (for example, prepackaging, difference between compounding and manufacturing)


II.18. Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements and professional standards (for example, FDA, DEA, state board of pharmacy, JCAHO) for preparing, labeling, dispensing, distributing, and administering medications


II.19. Knowledge of medication distribution and control systems requirements for the use of medications in various practice settings (for example, automated dispensing systems, bar coding, nursing stations, crash carts)


II.20. Knowledge of preparation, storage requirements, and documentation for medications compounded in anticipation of prescriptions or medication orders


II.21. Knowledge of repackaging, storage requirements, and documentation for finished dosage forms prepared in anticipation of prescriptions or medication orders


II.25. Knowledge of quality assurance policies, procedures, and practices for medication and inventory control systems


Virginia Administrative Code Regulations Governing the Practice of Pharmacy

18VAC110-20-355 — Pharmacy repackaging of drug; records required; labeling requirements