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Examine concepts of care relating to ethnic, religious/spiritual, cultural, and personal preferences.


Examination should include
  • dietary restrictions
  • beliefs and practices
  • attitudes toward eye contact, gestures, personal space, and physical contact
  • language barriers
  • gender preferences of care givers
  • attitudes regarding death and disability
  • bias, prejudice, and stereotyping.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is it important to understand cultural differences as they impact patient care?
  • What is cultural bias?
  • What is stereotyping?
  • How does a healthcare professional become culturally mindful?
  • How do different cultures perceive health and illness?
  • How does nonverbal communication differ among cultures?
  • Why is this an important concept for healthcare workers to understand?
  • Why is it important for the patient to receive information and directions in his or her native language?
  • How can healthcare workers assist with the special dietary requirements of different cultural groups?
  • What interventions are suggested by the Institute of Medicine on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health care?
  • What social or cultural considerations must be addressed for effective HIV prevention and interventions in the U.S.?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate a variety of nonfiction texts.
  1. Use critical thinking to generate and respond logically to literal, inferential, and evaluative questions about the text(s).
  2. Identify and synthesize resources to make decisions, complete tasks, and solve specific problems.
  3. Analyze multiple texts addressing the same topic to determine how authors reach similar or different conclusions.
  4. Recognize and analyze use of ambiguity, contradiction, paradox, irony, overstatement, and understatement in text.
  5. Analyze false premises claims, counterclaims, and other evidence in persuasive writing.

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