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Perform postmortem care.


Performance should include the following
  • Determination of death
  • Labeling of body
  • Component of postmortem care
  • Disposition of valuables
  • Forensic considerations
Care of the body should include the following:
  • Provide care with respect and compassion while attending to the wishes of the client and family per their cultural, religious, and social practices.
  • Recognize that the provider certifies death by pronouncing the time and documenting therapies used, and actions taken prior to the death.
Performance of preparing the body for viewing should include the following:
  • Maintain privacy.
  • Shave facial hair if applicable and/or desired by the family.
  • Remove all tubes and soiled linens (unless organs are to be donated or this is a medical examiner’s case).
  • Remove all personal belongings to be given to the family.
  • Clean and align the body with a pillow under the head, arms outside the sheet and blanket, dentures in place, and eyes closed.
  • Apply fresh linens and a gown.
  • Brush/comb the patient’s hair, replacing any hair pieces.

Process/Skill Questions

  • When should postmortem care be initiated?
  • Would you bathe your patient as part of the postmortem care if he/she were involved in a violent exchange?
  • When does postmortem care begin?
  • What are special circumstances related to postmortem care?

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