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Identify needs related to death and dying. (Required for certification by Virginia Board of Nursing)


Identification should include
  • Kubler-Ross theory of death and dying
  • personal feelings (e.g., client/resident, family, staff)
  • characteristics of the stages of death and dying
  • physical changes
  • signs and symptoms of approaching death
  • care of the dying client/resident
  • hospice care
  • postmortem care.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How would you describe the Kubler-Ross theory of death and dying?
  • How would you explore the impact of religious beliefs on death and dying?
  • How would you identify each stage of death and dying and describe the characteristics associated with each stage?
  • What are the influences of various cultures on grief?
  • How could you determine the physical signs of approaching death (e.g., loss of muscle tone, breathing difficulty, circulatory failure, loss of senses)?
  • What is the nursing care for the client/resident approaching death?
  • How would you prioritize nursing care for the client/resident approaching death (e.g., comfort measures, communication techniques)?
  • What is the philosophy of hospice care for the client/resident and family?
  • How can nursing staff maintain client/resident dignity in providing postmortem care?

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