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Apply developmentally appropriate guidance (e.g., redirection, good planning, and positive reinforcement).


Application includes constructing and implementing
  • classroom rules
  • classroom management procedures
  • direct/indirect guidance skills (e.g., self-esteem, cultural awareness, effective communication)
  • positive reinforcements (e.g., verbal encouragement, body language, eye contact).

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is it important to have classroom rules?
  • What is positive guidance?
  • How does practicing positive guidance techniques allow children to learn and grow?
  • What communication and guidance techniques are most effective with different age groups?
  • What management procedures are important to implement in the classroom?
  • What are ways to teach rules and procedures?
  • How should policies regarding positive guidance be communicated to staff, children, and parents?
  • How should activities be scheduled to maximize positive experiences for young children?
  • What are some verbal and nonverbal methods and techniques caregivers can use to foster positive adult-child communication?
  • What is the expected outcome when an early childhood setting embraces the theory of positive guidance?
  • What are some ways that a child can be redirected?

Other Related Standards

National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education


Arrange the classroom environment to provide for learners' exploration, discovery, development, and reflection through multiple methods including learning centers.


Establish effective activities, routines, and transitions for various age groups.


Manage physical space to maintain a learning environment that is safe and healthy and encourages physical activity.


Apply developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive guidelines for behavior.