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Create developmentally appropriate experiences based on observation data.


Learning experiences should include
  • evaluation of data from observing lab experiences
  • formulation of developmentally appropriate lessons
  • application of developmentally appropriate instructional strategies.
Teacher Resource:

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are examples of observational data?
  • Why do early childhood professionals need to collect observational data on children?
  • How can an early childhood professional use data to plan developmentally appropriate learning experiences for young children?
  • What are the different developmental stages in early childhood?
  • How will observational data be communicated to staff and parents?
  • How will information regarding developmentally appropriate learning experiences be communicated to staff and parents?
  • What is the outcome if developmentally appropriate learning experiences are not practiced in the early childhood setting?
  • What are the local, state, and federal guidelines that ensure developmentally appropriate learning experiences for preschoolers?
  • How will the observational data be gathered and used?
  • What are the criteria for creating developmentally appropriate learning experiences?

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