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Document a daily child health check.


Completion includes observing children and/or role playing using scenarios to detect physical symptoms of illness and changes in behavior. A daily child health check also includes following the state regulations for preventing the spread of childhood illnesses or diseases.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is a daily health check?
  • Who conducts the daily health check?
  • How are different observation techniques used?
  • How should information about daily health checks be recorded?
  • With whom should the student discuss the daily health check if something abnormal is found?
  • How can the importance of daily health checks be communicated to staff and parents?
  • What is the expected outcome of engaging in daily health checks?
  • What are local, state, and federal guidelines for administering daily health checks in an early childhood setting?
  • What should be assessed during a daily health check?
  • What are the criteria for assessing each point? What type of records should be kept regarding daily health checks?

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