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Implement a schedule of activities, routines, and transitions in an early childhood education setting.


Implementation should include
  • selecting activities, routines, and transitions according to effectiveness and appropriateness
  • using daily schedule and routines
  • incorporating transition techniques (e.g., gross-motor stretching activity, finger plays, music, visual and auditory cues) to move smoothly from one activity to another.
Teacher Resources:

Process/Skill Questions

  • What factors should be considered when developing a schedule or routine for various age groups?
  • What licensing requirements pertain to scheduling?
  • What are some examples of transition-time activities?
  • What criteria should be used in developing a schedule for an early childhood center?
  • How can one communicate the need for a schedule to children, parents, and employees?
  • What leadership skills are needed to develop a schedule for an early childhood center?
  • How might scheduling practices help and/or harm children?
  • What are possible consequences of not developing a schedule?
  • What are the steps in developing a schedule for an early childhood center?
  • What are the basic criteria for developing a schedule that meets the state standards for early childhood centers?

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