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Facilitate developmentally appropriate learning experiences in all curriculum areas.


Facilitation should include
  • program goals and learning objectives
  • content in all subject areas
  • a variety of lesson plans for each subject area with associated assessments.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the basic curriculum areas that need to be addressed in an early childhood educational setting?
  • How does the teaching of skills across all developmental domains (e.g., physical, cognitive, and social) allow children to grow?
  • What criteria should be used when deciding which learning experiences are the most appropriate for individual students?
  • How will it be communicated to parents and staff that teaching skills across the curriculum as opposed to in isolation (e.g., math lessons, science lessons, and alphabet) is developmentally appropriate?
  • What is the expected outcome when preschool children are offered developmentally appropriate learning experiences in all curriculum areas simultaneously?
  • What are local, state, and federal trends regarding curriculum areas for preschool children?
  • How will daily activities be managed to ensure that all developmental domains are being addressed?
  • What are the procedures for writing a developmentally appropriate lesson plan that will address the concept of teaching across the curriculum?

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Implement learning activities in all curriculum areas that meet the developmental needs of learners.